May 4, 2014

Picture Books in Fifth Grade? Of Course!!

How many of you love a great picture book that makes you think?  How many of you think that today's kids spend too much time with technology?  If you answered yes to either of those questions, this book is for YOU!

Chris Van Allsburg is a phenomenal author!  He really makes you think.  If you haven't taken the time to read his books CLOSELY as an adult, you really should.  

Reading this book as a small child, it is about a group of intelligent men who board a ship together on a mission.  They love to read, talk, and play games together.  They stumble upon a stone that emits light, and is slightly gray in color.  They begin staring at the stone instead of the other things they did when they first came aboard.  As the story goes on, the men begin to turn into apes that want only want to stare at the "stone" and the light coming from it. HINT, HINT!!

Now...AS AN ADULT, or as a TEACHER wanting to make students think more DEEPLY about a text, what could a stone that makes intelligent men stop doing intelligent things and simply sit and stare possibly be? ;)

This is the type of deep CRITICAL thinking we want to teach our children!  AND, this is a must have book for all teachers!  In fact, almost all of Chris Van Allsburg's books can be used in this way!  ENJOY!

Click over and visit Amanda and Stacia at Collaboration Cuties to find a few other "must haves" for your classroom! 

Happy SUNDAY and have a great week!  
I'm off to New Orleans for the big IRA Conference!  I CAN NOT WAIT!!
I'll be presenting on Saturday.  Come see me if you are there!

Cutting the Ties to One Size Fits All Literacy Instruction
Saturday May 10 at 11:00
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You can also download some of the handouts that will be available at our session here! :)
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  1. I love using the Wretched Stone for metaphor! Chris Van Allsburg is one wacky guy but his stories are great for upper grades because they require inferencing and thinking! Good luck at your conference! I know you'll be awesome!

  2. I just purchased this book on the recommendation of another blogger. I've got it in my basket to work with over the summer for use next school year. After reading your post, I dug it out and placed it on top! I LOVE all of Allsburg's books, but this one really appeals to me!

    Good luck with your presentation. I read through the materials and so wish I could attend!


  3. I LOVE Chris Van Allsburg!! Al of his books are terrific for inferring and critical thinking! You're never too old for a thoughtful picture book!
    Have fun in New Orleans!!! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job presenting!
    :) Karli

  4. Chris Van Allsburg is one of my favorites, and I love to do this book with my 5th graders! Thanks for sharing!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  5. I teach fourth grade and I use picture books all the time! Thanks for a great recommendation!

  6. Oh my are presenting at IRA??? Congratulations & good luck! I have a whole file cabinet full of mentor texts that are picture books that I just love to use.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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