Jun 30, 2014

Integrated Literacy Block Notebooks

Hi Teacher friends!  Recently I've had a few questions about NOTEBOOK ORGANIZATION!  I must admit...I am an ORGANIZATION~AHOLIC!  Things must be organized or I feel completely lost.  I imagine that my students and parents must feel the same way, so I work very hard to keep us organized. Since, we put ALL of our WORKSHOP work, including both SOCIAL STUDIES and ELA into our notebooks, it's important that I am clear on my instructions.  Here's how we do it in my room!


I know what you are thinking.  How is that a novel idea?  Well, we use the TABS fully to our advantage!  My students are only allowed to TAB the beginning of each unit on their NEWSLETTER page.

Their NEWSLETTER page includes all important dates, reminders, vocabulary, essential questions, and skills for our UNIT.  Perhaps best of all, it is always followed by our GUIDING TEXT that encompasses everything that will be covered in our unit for social studies.  I'll post later about how we use our guiding text, but for now, just know that my students (and their parents) know that all the facts they need to remember for social studies can be found in those texts.

After the TAB SECTION, you can find ALL of our station work, small group work, vocabulary work, grammar word, etc.  You name it, and we include it in our WORKSHOP NOTEBOOK.  But, most importantly, my students (and their parents) know that everything they need to know for the entire unit is located near the TAB!  It's actually very simple!  Hope this helps!
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  1. The type A teacher in me reveled in this post. I love order and I think it's important to our jobs as teachers. The kids are always ready to let loose the floodgates of chaos. The imposition of order helps them even if they don't like it.

    The Color of Sound

  2. I love the idea of using tabs! I'm so doing this next year!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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