Jul 22, 2014

PIC-TORY {A Close "Reading" Strategy for Social Studies}

While riding with my family to and from DC (8 hours for us), we decided to make the most of this educational trip and download an audio book about American History. YAY! (Okay, I decided!:) )

My search led me to: 
We downloaded the app and book...and off we went!

While listening to the book, I kept tapping the icon replay the previous 30 seconds, and of course, this led the teacher in me to think about how I could use this to teach the IMPORTANCE of RE-READING.  

The more I listened, the more I realized how many new details I was picking up as I replayed each section and the nerd in me wanted to take notes!   How fun would it be to draw what I learning so I could remember it?!  

SO....the strategy of PIC-TORY was born!

Here are my thoughts.
  1. Each student will set up a page in their notebook for our "game." ;)
  2. I will play a bookmarked section of the story once for my students to draw and label what they hear on their first "read." 
  3. I will then replay the section a few more times asking my students to add details to their picture each time they notice something new in the text.  
  4. At the end, we will see just how many details they picked up!  :)
The end result should be a personal anchor chart that shows the comprehension of an historical text!  Lots of standards, strategies, and skills all tied together in a fun way.

Hope you can use this strategy!


  1. It is amazing how much you get out of listening to books on tape. Love your idea!

  2. This is a really clever idea! I'm definitely going to use it while teaching social studies the year. Thanks!

    Trials and Triumphs

  3. Wow, thanks for this idea! I'm just moving to 3rd grade to teach science and social studies and I am supposed to reinforce reading in my room. this will be perfect!!!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. I like this! Especially for SS.

  5. Such a smart and seemingly simple idea. I love it and think kids would relish the idea of listening to an audiobook and collecting facts. It's not learning, it's a game. Lol! Thanks for sharing another great idea! -Amanda


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