Jul 4, 2014

You Don't have to Teach Grammar in ISOLATION...There's another WAY!

As teachers, there is never enough time in our day!   I try to combine lessons as much as possible and get as much "bang for my buck" with each activity as I can.

I read a lot of picture books to integrate Social Studies into my ELA lessons.  Thanks to Ideas by Jivey and Collaboration Cuties, (These ladies have some fabulous sets all ready to go with texts they've chosen.) I have started using this process after reading a picture book to my class.  We pick a sentence or paragraph from the text that we love!  This really makes the kids look at the text. ;)  Then we follow the following steps.

It takes a lot of MODELING for kids to pick up on the grammar techniques and skills used by the author, but they eventually start to notice some pretty cool things!  I stop after each STEP to model my own thinking, but I eventually have my students doing the steps alone.  This gives me a chance to share "what I noticed, how I would make it better, and then what I learned myself.  During these little "stops," I can throw in any grammar skills I was hoping they might have noticed on their own if they missed them!  Just like magic, when we do our next MODEL TEXT, they look for the things that I pointed out to them using the previous picture book!  (Another great resource for this concept is The Writing Thief by Ruth Culham.  She offers some wonderful suggestions.)

So I get reading standards, writing standards, language standards, and even social studies standards from one book by the time we're done with it!  Hope you can use this task card.  If you are interested, click on image of the card itself or GRAB IT HERE!

Here's a sample from a student's notebook using a sentence from The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss.  Yes, I love Dr. Seuss, even in especially in the upper elementary grades!  If you are interested, you can read more about how I use Seuss HERE. :)
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie--it helps me!! : )

  2. I love this idea ~ I'll definitely be doing this next year with my 5th graders!

  3. I use many picture books with my middle school students as well, and when I discovered Jivey's and Collaboration Cuties' mentor sentences technique it changed the way I integrated grammar with reading lessons. LOVE it! I really like how you have incorporated the "Close Reading" CCSS into the procedure as well. Thanks for the great idea!


  4. Great post! I like the simple step by step format. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm excited to try this next year.


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